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Holy cow, would you believe it. Not a single bark or boof. We start slow and walk to the park down the street, chill and hang out for a bit. We watched kids play, a yoga session, and passed a couple of dogs. Then we relaxed in the yard. Their reactivity was improving so much, seeing more calm behavior. Really “melting our mountain” down so to speak 😉

Kristen Alyssa

I was gone all weekend so I had 30 minutes to make an attempt. My GSD came from a long line of IPO3 K9s. He was absolutely nuts 1 year ago. I began going to a trainer in June of 2020 and I worked and worked and worked. Rocco is very leash reactive to other dogs but he’s come a long way from the days where he attacked me. My trainer had me put him in a down and practice often. This is the first time I did it without giving a command. I’m 10 minutes in and .....

Doug Kohler

Results of TBTE: this guy is relaxing during a thunderstorm! Until the last few months, this guy wasn't bothered by thunderstorms AT ALL. Definitely perplexed as to this change in behavior/ new sensitivity at age 6, but one of the beauties of TBTE is that the "why" doesn't impact the "how to fix it".

Lindsey Gleason

We have used the TBTE relaxation triad and Naming and Explaining his environment to help him feel better about his triggers.
In the video I sent his mom, the neighbor, a man with a cowboy hat on a lawn mower, is coming very close to the fence line and Murphy is taking it in stride! Previously, Murphy saw a neighbor and expected bad things to happen, triggering his reactivity. Now, Murphy sees a neighbor and expects GOOD things to happen!!

Maria Carabana

Big mile mark today in training! There's 2 large dogs that live a street over from us - Moose has always been very reactive towards them. They are amazing and well behaved, and basically show no interest in us past a quick glance. Today we rounded a corner when walking and the dogs were quite close; while Moose was super interested in them, I was able to use some TBTE techniques to curb his reactivity. He pulled a little, whined a little, but ultimately we were able to turn around and pop down a side street to give us some extra distance while the dogs passed by. We had no barking despite his interest in them. His feelings about other dogs are changing. Not only did we get through this major trigger, but he was able to continue our walk with minimal upset (previously i would have had to turn around and get us back home or he would have been so would up he would have reacted to everything on the rest of the walk). So grateful for this training program and how it has changed our lives! Reactivity is HARD, this approach has made it so much easier to work with.

Deli Wayne Robertron

We had our first session about a week ago. Today, when I got home, he was voluntarily LAYING down in his crate, relaxed & calmly waiting for me to open the door! This guy is always a loaded bottle rocket when I get home (barks & frantically circles in the crate until I get the door open & then shoots out like a bucking bronco), he has NEVER laid down & calmly waiting for me to let him out. I actually finally feel like I am doing something to truly HELP this sweet dog now instead of just trying to manage his problems.

Katelyn Capouellez

Training Between The Ears is amazing.  We got Vinnie almost 4 years ago and for the first year no one could touch him.  This training has taught both he and I to understand each other, the things around him, and how to make HIS life better.  Vinnie now comes to my shop and greets my customers daily with a toy, accepts physical touch and attention, and even wags his nub till it may fall off.  It definitely takes work and commitment to the program, but results are life changing for Vinnie and I!



Our mission is to improve the lives of dogs and their families to help them experience a joyful relationship. We help dogs become optimists. An optimistic dog is happy to see people, happy to see other dogs, and is, well…happy! We have a long history of working with families who have invested endless hours in learning about dog training – whether on TV, online, or in person.

Most dogs we start working with are pessimists. What is a pessimistic dog? Any dog that has fear, anxiety, discomfort, or aggression is a pessimist. Those dogs always expect bad outcomes in life. Many of the families with dogs who struggle to feel good in life are faced with difficult choices – living a stressful life with their dog, considering medicating their dog, surrendering their dog, or euthanasia.


It has been a great joy to us to help those families create a new life with their dog. Using primarily reward and relaxation strategies we are able to guide families in the process of changing the emotional state of their dog – how the dog feels about people, other animals and things in its environment (not just on its external behavior).


Who are we?

Mark McCabe is the developer of the Training Between The Ears (TBTE)℠  system and along with his wife, Stephanie, travels over 20 weeks a year teaching this system to professional and dedicated amateur trainers and pet owners around the U.S. and Canada.

Mark and Stephanie McCabe

“Be willing to see, create, and tell a different story for your dog.”

– Mark McCabe

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